What Do People Love About Audiobooks These Days?

What Do People Love About Audiobooks These Days?

In 2019, the global audiobooks market size was valued at USD 2.67 billion. Experts forecast that the market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.4% from 2020 to 2027. The exciting statistics indicate the potential of audiobooks and the changing concept of reading. That is, in the future, you can read without even “reading” the texts. Are audiobooks better than books, then? Well, no, neither of them are superior to the others. However, sometimes, audiobooks can be better than books.

People love audiobooks

Among the audiobook readers, the adult audience accounted for the highest revenue share, over 80%. By calculation, the adult audience contributed more than USD 2 billion in the audiobook sector. Kids are another target audience in this industry due to their great demand for educational and entertainment audiobooks.

Why do people love audiobooks? It is because audiobooks allow people to execute multitasking. People can read audiobooks anywhere and anytime they like. According to the Audio Publishers Association (APA), around 60% of audiobook listeners use the books while relaxing. By using audiobooks, the listeners enjoy the freedom of multitasking. 

What can audiobooks bring to your company?

1. ​Efficiency on content delivery

Our brain executes decoding and language processing every time while reading. Decoding is to figuring out words from a combination of letters. Decoding can be challenging for some. Moreover, after reading for a long period of time, most people will not perform satisfyingly on decoding. That is why people may get bored of reading after some time. 

Audiobooks remove the decoding element of reading to make the absorption of information more accessible. While listening to the audio, our brain undergoes comprehension and cognition, reducing the gap between lower-level reading processes. Audios significantly lower the difficulty of receiving and understanding the message

2. More effortless engagement with the audience

Audio is one of the most immersive media formats to trigger memorability and trust. By comparison, audio is more immersive than text as audio has a sense of dynamic built up by inflexions and intonations. 

To read a book, you need to actively apply a deliberate effort to process the characters into words. In contrast, listening does not require active involvement. People need not pay full attention to the audio, but still, they can receive and handle the information. People can freely choose to wander in their minds while listening to audiobooks. 

3.​ Better accessibility to reach more people

Audiobooks are beneficial in reaching two types of people: visually impaired and illiterate people, incapable of enjoying reading.

Vision impairment and illiteracy are common. There is more than 2.2 billion vision-impaired around the world, according to WHO. Initially, vision impaired and illiterate people lost the ability to absorb the message in a book. However, the usage of audiobooks can improve their quality of life and strengthen their equity

Tips for making good audiobooks

So, how to make good audiobooks? Audiobooks are all about telling stories verbally. The key to success is to choose a suitable VO voice that can suit your demands. 

3911a6The narrator’s voice and pronunciation are essential. The narration must be loud and clear to ensure all audiences will receive in message in the books. If the voice is too soft, people may not hear the narration probably. If the voice is too loud, also, people may not hear the narration well. Moreover, the audience will not be pleased in listening to the audiobooks.  

Besides, the narrator should have excellent storytelling skills to immerse audiences into the world of the story. The narrator should have proper breath, pitch control and characterisation to create emotions and dynamics in storytelling, making the audience enjoy the listening experience

The above is achievable by hiring a human VO actor. However, the cost would be expensive. However, an alternative method is easier, time-saving, and more affordable to anyone- AI VO. Voice synthesis is more advanced than you thought. The technology is now capable of generating human-like realistic AI VO, which is suitable for making audiobooks. Check out the free voice demo on Voicemom to find the best voice for your audiobooks!

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