This is how AI could shift your CX to the next level

This is how AI could shift your CX to the next level

‚ÄčAs suggested by Salesforce data, 80% of customers agree that customer experience is as important as products and services. With the stated considerable importance of customer service, companies have sought more opportunities in service improvement. With emerging development in AI, the customer service industry is helped with two technical solutions- chatbots and voicebots.

What are customers expecting from you nowadays?

Generally, customers expect fast response, personalized experience and autonomy in customer services. Now, how do we implement AI to your business to enhance customer experience?

1. Fast response

In such fast-pacing society, no one likes to wait. 98% of people think that the waiting times via phone or chat are too long. Precisely, 53% of customers expect a brand to respond within an hour on Twitter. The number increases to 72% when the customers have complaints towards the bran

2. Personalized experience

We all like to be served uniquely. According to Salesforce, 50% of consumers would ignore communications that are not personalized to them. To add with, 79% of consumers think that personalized services are more important than personalized marketing. We can tell the essentiality of tailor-made customer service for each customer. 

3. Autonomy

Under the digital era, most information can be found online. People established a habit of searching for solutions to their issues on the Internet. As suggested by a survey, 72% of people would look for answers online instead of seeking help from a customer service. It indicates that people are less dependent on customer service with a human agent via phone or face-to-face but prefer to receive the solution online at any time and anywhere speedily.

Why are companies rushing to use AIs?

AI technology is capable of building self-service tools that reduce service contact rates and maintain high-quality responses. In other words, it meets customer’s demands to offer customer service with fast response, personalized experience and autonomy. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why there are more than 80% of businesses have automated their customer service communications nowadays. 

Customer service technologies are often supported by Natural Language Processing and Speech Synthesis, which AI drives. With AI that can manipulate human verbal communications, the interactions between the system and the customer can be improved. Moreover, the system can streamline the customer journey and reduce the number of contacts in the customer support team. Ultimately, it allows companies to focus and allocate resources on higher-value work while maintaining high-quality customer service. 

Besides, AI makes personalized consumer service possible. Most companies face a lack of human agents for customer services. Under such situation, it would be impossible to provide a personalized service to each customer since the learning process would be a massive workload to human agents. However, the AI-driven customer service system can learn and analyze all customers with given data with its Machine Learning ability, even with a vast scale of customers. Same with other AI systems, the system can derive useful information from numerous amounts of data. In this case, the insights can continuously improve the service’s performance regarding each customer.

Customer service technologies- Chatbots and Voicebots

In the customer service industry, people often compare the two buzzing technologies- Chatbots and Voicebots.

– Chatbots

Chatbots are software that can simulate a conversion with a real person by written or spoken human speech. With the advancement in Natural Language Processing in the field of AI, chatbots nowadays can understand and manipulate human language in a more human-like manner. As chatbots can offer 24/7, personalized and accurate performance, the implementation of chatbots for customer service is common among companies

Due to the limitation of resources, a company can never maintain a 1:1 human agent to customer ratio in customer service. The lack of human agents is the underlying reason for waiting and non-personalized customer service. Unlike a human, all customers can be served by the same chatbot. According to IBM, chatbots can answer 80% of routine questions. A company can assign human agents to handle the remaining 20% of non-routine questions. The human agents can apply their problem-solving skills to situations where they need them. Companies can, therefore, optimize human resources. Moreover, with machine learning ability, the bot can even automatically upgrade its service with each customer base on received feedback.

According to projections, chatbots can save over $8 billion per year by 2022 in the banking and healthcare sectors alone. Overall, chatbots are a cost-effective solution for both companies and customers

– Voicebots (or Virtual Agent)

Voicebots are evolved from chatbots. They have the same purpose: to engage customers in highly personalized conversations and solve their problems. 

Unlike chatbots, voicebots can communicate with customers by pure voice. Natural Language Processing and speech recognition greatly support the software to interpret human commands. They can ingest, analyze, interpret and respond to customer’s spoken demands in natural language. Most of them also have the speech synthesis ability to generate verbal responses

Voicebots have retained all the features of chatbots, but even better. Voicebots can offer a faster, more personalized and more interactive service to customers. In addition, they can establish a natural verbal conversation with customers to solve their questions in real-time. Some remarkable voicebots, including Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Assistant, have significantly reshaped customer’s expectations in customer service- hands-free. Voicebots allow customers to enjoy customer service without inputting text manually, which saves time. The customer service industry is driving in the direction of voicebots because speech is the most natural form and fastest way for communication.

Are you considering a transformation of your customer service by either chatbots or voicebots? Speech synthesis would be helpful in further enhancing your service to customers. The AI voices in can definitely serve your need!

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