The One Thing You Need To Do To Keep Audiences’ Attention

The One Thing You Need To Do To Keep Audiences’ Attention

You can produce content in many forms- in text, graphics, videos or audio. People may prefer different types of content, and the choice shows how people want the information presented and how they consume it. Recently, multiple studies suggested that people left visuals and join audio- 30% of the general population prefer and enjoy audio content more than the others. 

Package your content in audio. 30% of your visitors prefer audio!

There is a common myth- people can learn better when taught to match their specific learning styles. Although this notion is widely spread, it is proven scientifically that there is no correlation in a beneficial way with dominant learning style. Whether a person prefers to learn in visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, or some mix, the learners do not benefit from their preferred style. Although the people’s preference does not determine the learning of information, the choice refers to how people want the information presented and how they consume it. In other words, you can understand what type of information people like.

When our brain processes information, the cognitive load increases when information processing becomes more complex to us. By feeding information to people with their preferred intake style, it can optimise the consumption of the content. To people, it is easier for them to understand the content. According to a study, about 30% of the general population prefers to intake audio content. It suggests that about 30% of the general population would find extracting the conveyed message in audio content easier. Nowadays, people have moved away from visuals and joined listening to content.

Your audiences give more trust to what you say on audio platforms

There are several ways to gain trust from users, whether to make a great product, show your company values, be transparent or help customers solve problems. Building solid relationships with customers is undoubtedly an essential key to attracting new customers and increasing retention for your company. What are the most effective ways to let your customers keep attention to your content and establish trust? The key is voice.

Researchers have conducted a study on the most trusted medium, including TV, Google, print, social media, audio sources and more. The result suggested that audio sources, including broadcast radio delivered over the air and via streaming, along with podcasting, is the most trusted medium among all. The audio sources category scored a 69% trust score. The other media includes TV with 64%, Google with 60%, print with 57%, social media with 56%, etc. This result is not surprising as audio excels at emotionally connecting with audiences and capturing their attention, which is proven with much scientific evidence. 

Spotify and Neuro-Insight suggest that digital audio and ads can generate more engagement and emotional activation than other forms of media. Furthermore, Adobe suggests that 51% of consumers found it easier to recall the brand behind a smart speaker ad than other ad formats, and 53% reported a smart speaker ad drove them to make a purchase later. All of the studies highlight that audio is the most immersive media that triggers memorability, trust, connection and sales

Voice marketing is rising

Voice is a way to interact with your customers. According to reports in 2019, in the United States, 60 million people over 18 own at least one smart speaker. Also, it is reported that 38% of smart speaker owners use the service daily. If Voice is properly utilised, it can be powerful because it enables penetration of content almost everywhere, as long as your customers keep their voice devices with them. 

Voice marketing can reshape all aspects of business and audiences’ interactions, including how, when, and where. The crucial advantage of this marketing direction is the seamless user experience. Voices facilitate exchanging information with verbal communication, which is the most direct and natural communication method for humans. Besides, with voice devices, businesses might reach visually impaired and illiterate people, an opportunity to broaden their range of potential customers. The potential of voice marketing is that it allows businesses to perform marketing activities at locations they normally can’t. The arising channel has attracted many brands to join and targeted to gain early benefits. ​

What are the top brands doing with voice?

The best part about creating an audio experience is that there is no limit on the length and format. You can leverage any kind to attract and retain your audience with the targeted content you create on your site. Here are some of the best examples of how Voices is utilised in top brands. 

1. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein teamed up with Spotify to launch their one future, #ckone campaign. The campaign is at an audience of engaged Gen Z listeners. The ad posed one question to Spotify users: “What do you hope for?”. Then, it prompted listeners to add one song to a collaborative playlist that captures Gen Z. ​Calvin Klein’s collective future dreams to inspire and establish a new kind of connection with their audiences.​

2. Esurance (Pandora)

Esurance partnered with the podcast Serial in the first-to-market sponsorship on Pandora. John Krasinski, the Esurance spokesperson, recorded custom audio spots to welcome the audiences to the Serial station on Pandora. People spent a considerable time with Esurance brand messaging as there were 11.7 million streams of the Serial podcast.​

3. Kingsford and Dispatch

Kingsford is the leading charcoal brand for barbeque grilling, and their target audience is male millennials interested in casual grilling. Spotify used their streaming intelligence to discover the band Dispatch, a popular Indie-Roots, was at the top of the list of bands that male millennials interested in casual grilling listen to. 

Kingsford then partnered with Dispatch to record custom interviews and audio ads for Kingsford and put together a Spotify playlist of their favourite grilling and summer-related songs. Over half of listeners said the ads positively increased their interest in Kingsford Match Light charcoal. After the ad campaign, Kingsford also saw a 7% rise in brand consideration.

Start with podcast!

Voice marketing is not the future, and it is the present! Many of your audience enjoy intaking audio content. They showed trust and connection with the brands.

​It is not too late to join the fleet of voice marketing. You can start with podcasts, which many brands receive success. The process of creating podcasts can be at a low cost. You only need scripts and voice providers. Nowadays, you can even consider using AI to generate your audio content, our AI-voice generator- Voicemom can perfectly accomplish that. There are over 500 available voices. Go and find the voice you need!

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