How To Increase Engagement With Your Audience?

How To Increase Engagement With Your Audience?

There are some actionable tips in increasing engagement with your audience, like improving the site’s load time and having a practical layout to unusable advice. The search result you can find online is repeating the same things. But a few people are thinking from a different angle- an aural experience, which many top brands are working on. The use of audio in enhancing engagement is not the future trend. It is the present. 

Be audio-friendly. The audience has changed!

In some scenarios, almost all age groups use audio content through different platforms and distribution channels. According to research, in the US, one-third of the population is listening to a podcast every month, representing 90 million monthly listeners. Moreover, two-thirds of the population is listening to online audio, spending an average of nearly 17 hours every week. Similar growth numbers are recorded outside. People across the globe are spending more of their time listening

To improve user experience, brands are tapping into the daily habits of their readers and experimenting with audio. They focus on podcasts and audio content for smart speakers. Advertisers are increasing investments in digital audio.

Why would audio be a rising star?

​One major advantage of audio is reaching audiences where most visual mediums can’t. It is a way to interact with your customers and enables penetration of content almost everywhere, as long as your customers keep their voice devices with them. 

Audio offers minimal disruption to it. It creates a seamless user experience by allowing users to exchange information with verbal communication, the most direct and natural communication method for humans. It minimises distraction while promoting multitasking that propagates more than ever before.

This is how the top brands use voice

1. H&M Home Stylist

The H&M Home Stylist voice application allows users to ask questions on décor inspiration for different rooms in the house. 

The user can ask for help with a specific room and choose from a range of styles such as classic or modern. The voice assistant then responds with inspiration and mood boards based on the users’ preferences and see example products from H&M Home, along with suggestions for materials and colour schemes. 

H&M is the second-largest global clothing retailer, just behind Spain-based Inditex, which is the parent company of Zara. The company has a significant online presence, online shopping in 33 countries. The voice application took advantage of the growing presence of voice assistants. It also enhances the interaction between H&M and their customers online by offering valuable suggestions for home decorations. 

2. ​Mystery Oreo

Mondelez turned to Alexa to promote an Oreo flavour contest. The purpose was to boost awareness, interest and engagement with the brand as part of a two-month-long “Mystery Oreo” campaign. 

The user can activate the voice technology with the query: “Alexa, what’s new with Oreo?” and the user receives weekly flavour cues. It will also automatically order the cookies via Amazon. 

Oreo released the Amazon Alexa voice assistant skill for people who want to hear about announcements from the cookie brand and order some for delivery. The skill is part of promoting its new Mystery Oreo flavour challenge. Oreo utilises voice technology as a new marketing channel in promoting their event. It has successfully raised people’s interest and created an exciting interaction with their customers

3. Domino’s Anyware

As part of the Domino’s Anyware initiative, the restaurant chain launched voice-activated pizza delivery for pizza lovers.

The users can use this function by simply speaking to a voice device (Google, Alexa, Siri) and asking it to “Talk to Domino’s”. The user can then choose from building a new order from scratch or reordering a most recent order. Domino’s can receive voice orders as the service is integrated with Domino’s Tracker, Slack, and Facebook Messenger. 

The voice ordering function eliminates the time-consuming experiences of ordering by phone and via the app. Domino’s provided the fastest way for a customer to drop an order, and their customers welcomed it. During the campaign’s initial phase, over 500,000 orders came through voices and Domino’s reported that 50% of all orders came through its online channels. With improved user experience, it enhanced user engagement. 

The voice interactions are usually not approached as an advertisement but as an extension of the brand experience. By improving the brand experience, customers are more satisfied with the brands. Hence, it results in a more engaging audience. 

To improve user enhancement, you can start with podcasts, which many brands receive success. The process of creating podcasts can be at a low cost. You only need scripts and voice providers. Nowadays, you can even consider using AI to generate your audio content, our AI-voice generator- Voicemom can perfectly accomplish that. There are over 500 available voices. Go and find the voice you need!

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